Family Office services has gained value around the world and in India. too Influential and ultra - wealthy families with diversified businesses and wealth are now availing the Family Office services. Family Office helps in organizing all the family’s finances into one central point that will aid in managing it from a legal, tax and administrative point of view.

With a multitude of assets across various asset classes and geographies, the size and the complexity demands that they are managed centrally and professionally. Here not only is the wealth managed and grown but other aspects like legal and tax are also managed through the Family Office setup

Today, Family Office Services encompass other strategic decisions affecting family members. A family may wish to create a formal distinction between family wealth and the family business assets. This way the following aspects are taken care of:

  • Financial risk is diversified
  • There is better transparency and corporate governance
  • Ensures that wealth is well preserved for future generations

At Integriti Investments, we help in setting up Family Offices and manage them too. We provide clients with a one view as well as different views of the assets managed under the Family Office.