" Financial planning is about more than just good advice or investment returns. It’s about guidance that you TRUST "

With more than a decade of experience in planning finances and managing wealth for more than ‘x’ people, it’s the trust that clients base on us that have inspired us to work harder for them. While we have built wealth for clients over the years, the rigour is more in the planning and understanding of our client’s dreams and goals. Whether it is buying a house, or saving for children’s education or for making overseas trips or planning for retirement, each one’s life goals are unique. At Integriti Investments, we plan our client’s finances first by building a plan around their goals and then focus on building their wealth. Returns on investments are a natural consequence of good planning which also takes into consideration unexpected life situations and emergencies.

Once we understand your goals and plan your finances towards it, we now focus on managing your wealth. Here we follow a 3 way approach

  • Grow existing wealth – here we look at the best products for you in terms of returns
  • Manage your wealth – with all the different products, we track and monitor each one of your investments and advice you on the same through our regular reviews
  • Protect your wealth –we ensure that your capital is protected at all times and that your assets are allocated as such.

All of this offered through an online portal where you can track and view your investments at any time through a dashboard that provides a snapshot of your investments